amniotic cells

provided in a vial


to facilitate an extended shelf life

Features and Benefits

  • BioDFactor is a flowable, human tissue allograft derived from the placental tisses
  • The collagens, growth factors, and other cytokines present in the placental tissues support tissue repair and regeneration
  • Cryopreserved to facilitate an extended shelf life and is easy to handle in the OR

Part Numbers/Sizes

  • BF-010025 – Small
  • BF-010050 – Medium
  • BF-010125 – Large

Processed and Manufactured by:

BioDlogics, LLC
7740A Trinity Road, Suite 107
Cordova, TN 38018

BioDlogics is accredited by the American Association of Tissues Banks (AATB)
BioDFactor, BioDFence and BioDDryFlex are registered trademarks of BioD, LLC

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